Domain and Hosting Services

Domain and Hosting Services  

What is a Domain? What is Hosting?

Every website that you go to consists of a domain name and a web host. The best way to describe it is to think of the domain name as the address and the hosting as the physical building.

When you’re browsing the web, and you type in a URL (i.e.,, your web browser basically queries that domain name (i.e., and asks it where the website is hosted. The browser then loads up the contents that are stored there.

Hosting is effectively the process of using a server to host a website, and there are all sorts of different types of hosting available out there on the market. 

 RZ Web Service strives to be the best in the industry and also we give back to the environment by being Carbon Neutral.

Types of Web Hosting 

There are numerous web hosting options available for your convenience such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated Server. All the above options are meant to serve the same purpose, which makes your website viewed by the people. However, each of the web hosting has its own capacity and drawbacks.

Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting is one of the web hosting services. As its name indicates, it is a hosting where thousands of websites are hosted within the same server. Each of the server’s resources is shared among all clients. Each of the customers gets a percentage of RAM, CPU, and other features of the server. This type of hosting is most suitable for smaller companies and startup companies.

WordPress Hosting 

WordPress hosting is mainly designed for WordPress websites. This hosting gives you a guarantee about outstanding page load times, excellent uptime, full feature set, security threat detection system, and helpful customer support. This hosting is a combination of shared or dedicated hosting to give an exceptional outcome.

Dedicated Server 

Dedicated server hosting is designed to maintain a non-sharing principle where the complete server is reserved to serve an individual client/Website. In other words, the complete server is meant for the consumption of a single client only, and no other client can either touch the resources. This considerably boosts the performance and security of the Website.

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